• Under the skin - Ink, watercolour, plastic, paper, plastic 106 x 66cm 2019
  • Under the skin (detail) 2019
  • Under the skin (detail) 2019
  • Archaeological remains of the Anthropocene 2017
  • Archaeological remains of the Anthropocene (detail) 2017
  • Mosul - Ink, watercolour, plastic, paper, plastic 2017
  • Mosul (detail) 2017
  • Mosul set in its perspex frame 42 x 34cm
  • Raqqa - Ink, watercolour, paper
  • Sanaa - Ink, watercolour, paper 2017
  • Darfur - Ink, watercolour, paper, plastic 2017
  • Darfur (detail) 2017
  • Damascus - Ink, watercolour, paper
  • Aleppo - Ink, watercolour, paper
  • Damascus set in its perspex frame 42 x 34cm
  • Desert - Ink, watercolour, paper


Ink, watercolour, plastic and layered paper

The main interlocking thread within my work has always been a fascination with the origin, manifestation and effect of real or imagined physical and metaphysical energy. The project ‘Desacration’ is the first that examines the negatively charged end of this spectrum using a technique oscillating between traditional cartography and three dimensional sculptural object. The subject matter is mournful, focussing on the Middle East where major damage of our natural environment is occuring through the plundering of raw materials and conflict, and the destruction of our own most ancient history takes place before our eyes! This project cannot come quickly enough.

The current state of the world today is at a cliff edge bearing over a multi-faceted abyss. Future generations face a multitude of potential catastrophes: environmental collapse, overpopulation, unrest from mass migration, economic collapse and nuclear war.

Where does Art fit into all this you may ask, dear reader? Since the future seems so decidedly bleak are we even asking ourselves the correct questions? A solution may be found within the creative power of humanity to overcome, heal, and continue the path that every individual faces in their life. If there are solutions, we artists occupy a role and responsibility to inspire and lead people to think and act differently, to move for the common good….to evolve.