‘Desacration’ – Press Release

James P Graham’s new project Desacration will be exhibited for the first time at the Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome from 30 January until 28 February. The exhibition is made up of a series of paper sculptures, mapping landscapes in the Middle East which have suffered serious environmental damage from recent conflict. Sites have mainly been chosen on account […]

‘Desacration’ – Communicato Stampa

Il nuovo progetto Desacration di James P Graham sarà esposto per la prima volta alla Biblioteca Vallicelliana, a Roma, dal 30 gennaio al 28 febbraio. La mostra è composta da una serie di sculture di carta, che mappano alcuni paesaggi in Medio Oriente che hanno subito gravi danni ambientali a causa dei recenti conflitti. I siti sono […]

For all the tea in China – reflections on a future ecological civilisation by James P Graham The political leadership in China has vowed to make the ancient country the world’s first ‘ecological civilisation’. But how sincere is this grand ambition. JAMES GRAHAM travelled to a conference … The question for China is, can the Pandora’s box of corporate power, which has fuelled their lightning growth, be purged […]

Iddu by James Putnam – independent Curator and writer

When I visited Stromboli myself in 2002 at the beginning of the project Iddu, I was moved not only by the amazing spectacle of this ever-erupting volcano but by James P Graham’s passionate quest – that rare spark of wonderment, which, when coupled with obsession, can transform into inspiration. Some five years later after intensive […]

Inside Art – James P Graham

Inside Art March 2016 Tracing the paths of an ancient relationship between man and nature  by Alessandro Caruso, Associate Editor What drives a successful Scottish artist to trade his life from the racy pulse of Central London, to refuge in Italian Tuscia….near Civita di Bagnoregio, ‘La Citta che Muore’? Copious amounts of courage certainly, but […]

Civita di Bagnoregio – Italy’s first plastic free village Civita di Bagnoregio’s ambitious plan to become Italy’s first plastic free village by Paola Maruzzi It seemed destined to disappear but instead Civita di Bagnoregio, better known as the Citta di Muore (Dying city), has exploded into an international tourist phenomenon. The small village of Civita di Bagnoregio, in the province of Viterbo, has […]

Artists working on environmental issues

James P Graham, Bagnoregio cantiere di idee James P Graham, making Bagnoregio a cradle of creativity  by Paola Maruzzi  Not a chance meeting but a decision calculated to the millimeter: the Scottish artist James P Graham was looking for a land of inspiration, where nature still had something to tell man, and vice versa. All […]